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Breaking Bad

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know of AMC’s award winning crime drama series Breaking Bad. The series has already won seven Primetime Emmy Awards and a number of other prestigious awards. Breaking Bad is the story of a High School chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine with a former student. The chemistry instructors’ primary goal in manufacturing the methamphetamine is to establish his family’s financial future. Breaking Bad is aired weekly on AMC. AMC is currently airing the final season of the series.

How does Breaking Bad leverage Facebook?

If learning about Facebook marketing is on your agenda, check out the Breaking Bad fan page. The page implements virtually all of Facebook’s marketing functions including apps, videos, images, updates, cover images, user interactivity, and much more. The takeaway from the Page, in terms of marketing, is providing relevant and engaging content. The page takes advantage of Facebook apps to generate unique cover and profile photos, hold contests and giveaways, provides a video gallery, and more. The bottom line is that their fans love it. Their Facebook page is among the most effective in terms of engagement, content, strategy, and ability to connect with an audience.

Facebook App: Name Lab

Breaking Bad offers a number of apps including a particularly significant app titled Name Lab. The app generates a cover and profile photo with the users name in the style of the show. Upon completion, the app gives the option to automatically set the cover and/or profile picture to the users’ timeline. In addition, the app offers social sharing for the user to share the custom image on all other major social networks. The requirement for a user to create these photos is to become a fan of the page and grant permission to access to the users’ friend list. The app showcases several valuable methods of Facebook marketing:

  1. The image is watermarked and in the style of the brand
  2. Virtually no effort is required from the user to generate the image
  3. Makes the user feel “cool”, therefore encourages sharing
  4. There is an email signup form within the app to collect data

Facebook App: #BBaddict

The instructions to the #BBaddict app reads: show us you’re the ultimate fan by proving your Breaking Bad addiction. Complete individual challenges to win official prizes and unlock special content. One #BBaddict will also be randomly chosen to win a trip for two to the finale of Talking Bad.” #BBaddict is a fun engaging game that encourages people to Like the page, have fun on the page, and possibly win a relevant and valuable prize.  The app showcases several admirable methods of Facebook marketing:

  1. The name is a marketing tool in itself
  2. User must become a fan to play
  3. An implication of interest in the show to degree of being an “addict”
  4. Offers a fun experience to the user
  5. Incentivizes user with a relevant prize

Facebook App: Video Gallery

Video marketing is quickly rising to the top of most popular communication channels. The Breaking Bad video marketing technique (on their Facebook page) is to connect with their audience on a more personal level. For example, many of the videos consist of the lead actor discussing various subjects in a casual tone and environment. As we know, the goal is to engage with your audience in this manner and Breaking Bad executes this goal commendably.

Facebook App: Newsletter

Newsletter signup apps have been one of the most popular types of Facebook apps since the inception of Facebook pages. With so many newsletter signup forms, what is it about the successful forms that make them convert the most? Lets examine the newsletter signup app on the Breaking Bad Facebook page and identify some key points that are contributing to its success:

  1. Additional relevant and interesting content such as “Bryan Cranston Answers Fan Questions”
  2. Embedded video
  3. Incentive: win a t-shirt
  4. Exceptionally visual with both images and video

The Breaking Bad Brand

Using its star character, the Breaking Bad series illustrates a clever, careless, seductive, and elegant individual. Combined, these traits imply a sense of “coolness”.  The Breaking Bad brand is portrayed in the same exact way: utterly cool. The idea of your current rating on the coolness level is irrelevant in this scenario. The underlining implication is that you are cool if your Facebook cover or profile photos shows your name is in the style of the Breaking Bad brand.

Their Bread and Butter: Content

The page is successful because it provides content that is engaging, fun, cool, casual, and welcoming. Considering the brand and its association with “cool”, an accurate tone of dialogue is essential. Breaking Bad accomplishes this mainly by constantly releasing a series of images that imply coolness; the main character standing in front of a washing machine full of cash for example. Images such as those have the highest number of Likes and Shares on the page. Their schedule and frequency of posts are contingent on the current campaign and its purpose. During the two weeks prior to the release of the most recent season, the page was releasing over 10 posts a day to generate hype and heavily promote the season premiere. After the season premiere, the frequency of posts subsided to 3-5 per day.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Overall, the Breaking Bad Facebook fan page is an excellent illustration of successful Facebook marketing. The Breaking Bad series is awesome and I highly recommend that you check it out!